Expanding Masculinity & Liberating Menswear.


the boring

the toxic

the conventional.


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the problem

is with masculinity. It’s toxic. It’s tired. It’s terrible. A culture of sexual harassment is now exposed. It’s time to evolve beyond Bond, beyond Brando, beyond Beau Brummel. We need to expand what it means to be masculine, evolve beyond “be a man” and “dress like a man”

We are calling for exploding our understanding of menswear. And new brands aren’t hearing us. Their ‘disruption’ is the same garb of grab ‘em in a safer fit, at a cheaper price, in a dressed up box.

We know what this emperor wears.


the response

Together, we’ll build a collective from all the masculine-presenters demanding change. It’s our time to signal we are resisting toxic masculinity. We are rising to demand more. We are saying no to recycled ideas and yes to recycled objects. We are saying no to venture-backed commodity culture and yes to grassroots, collective platforms.

We are here. We are the shock before the system knows it. We are sharing, we are co-creating, we are collaborating. We are in this together.

Welcome to the platform that will revolutionize how you wear your heart on your sleeve. Welcome to our closet of many, our Collective.


the plan

our thesis

Spark an evolution. (1) Transform masculinity through political action and (2) Liberate menswear with collectivism and diversity

our prototypes for change

01.Clothing Swaps

give more take less

Instead of fast fashion and commodified consumerism, we’re exchanging the amazing things we’ve already got. Evolve is building a platform to help us share our one of kind pieces with people we know will appreciate them.

02.Political Action

beyond talk, let's fight

We’re building gatherings, workshops, and media campaigns that promote an evolved masculinity far beyond today’s toxic tropes. Our clothing serves a purpose, and let’s make that an inclusive, progressive, transformative dialogue about the future of masculinity.

03.Maximalist Content

set the rallying point  

We’re highlighting those who are evolving beyond traditional masculinity. We’re shouting it across the front lines of culture by amplifying and co-creating with innovators already upending the status quo. Join us because your campaign for change needs co-conspirators


Disrupt conventional masculinity.

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our trajectory

We are disrupting conventional masculinity, liberating menswear and completely reimagining how interesting people get dressed. Want to see how we're going to do it?

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